2 ways in which you kill most of your time and productivity


Art by Sam Madhu

Living in the modern world can be really stressful. We go to school, work or college and then we have other related work to do and then we need time for family and friends and then we need even more time to spend with ourselves, sleeping and eating excluded. All this In just 24 hours. Time may be a construct of our mind but as long as we are trapped in the physical realm I don’t think that we can play with it.

Another thing is that we cannot get so many things done. We also lose productivity because of so much workload, pressure and stress. Competition everywhere.

So what can we do to save time for the things we want to?

Well this is not a typical in depth article so I’m going to keep it simple and short.

Spend less time on social media. Like seriously.

Think about how many times you were just lying on the couch or the bed and just aimlessly scrolling through your facebook feed! Every day we waste countless hours on social media and many time we just keep scrolling through the same things we have already seen ten times.

Now social media is a great tool. Just look at all that we can do through facebook alone. We are always connected to our family and friends, see their moments, share and receive so much information, see the world through different eyes and so much more but it really becomes an addiction and kills most of our time.

And not only that as social media eyes on everything we do and our private information is so vulnerable all the time. Big brother is at its best these days and we have to be careful of what we share. Also we know the effects of our portable devices on our health (EMF for example) and so much more like how social media kills relationships, makes you feel insecure etc.

So use social media wisely and timely. Make sure you are not using it aimlessly. This way you will have at least a few more hours to finish work, play with kids, read that fashion blog or just sleep? WHATEVER YOU LIKE! And it’s also good for your mental and physical health.

And how do you become more productive?

Well, do one thing at a time! See, let me put it simple.


There is no study that shows that multitasking makes you better. Tell me something, if you keep doing something, you become good at it because you are giving it your time, energy, attention and effort but how the hell can you be good at something when you are doing like 3 things at a time and thinking about 7 more?

You can’t my friend. In order to multitask, you need to already be extremely good at what you’re doing but that is a rare case. How many of us are the masters of dusting or cooking or doing laundry? I’m sure there have been instances where you were cooking and at the same time you are talking to a friend over phone and suddenly you realize that the water is boiling. Also you aren’t very attentive to what your friend is saying. You dont even enjoy anything!

Multitasking makes you more stressed, hasty and poor at work or whatever you do.

So simply spend less time on social media and do one thing at a time and you will be doing fine homies! 😉




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