5 strange things found frozen by people!

Ice and snow both are made of water and though ice is just frozen water and snow is frozen atmospheric vapour which falls on earth as tiny snow flakes, they both can freeze things. If time plays a game then strange, mysterious and weird things can remain frozen for decades, centuries and even thousands of years!

So here are 5 starnge things that you would not expect to find when your’re on a holiday.

  • Frozen plant


The plant you are seeing here is the oldest regenerated plant that has been grown from 32,000 year old seed found by a team of Russians. The plant is named Silene stenophylla and is Native to Siberia. It’s said that it was burried by a squirrel on the banks of Kolyma river.

  • Wooly mammoth 


This 40,000 year old baby mammoth was found in 2007 by reindeer breeder Yuri Khudi in the Yamal peninsula. she was names Lyuba after Yuri’s wife and is so well preserved that scientists can even tell what she ate before her death. Previously, horses and wooly rhinos have also been found frozen.

  • Rusting rifle


A 134 year old weathered and rusted Winchester rifle was found by a park ranger by a juniper tree in Great Basin National park. The authorities have no idea for how long it could have been over there but say it could be well over a century!

  • Puppies


In the permafrost, scienists have found many dogs including an entire family of puppes. It’s likely that they were burried in a landslide and they were still in amazing condition even though they were 10,000 years old! This one actually breaks my heart and if I could, I would save them all.

  • Giant viruses


The mission in which giant viruses were found was inspired by the one in which that 32,000 year old plant was found. By fishing through the samples of permafrost, scientist were able to find a 30,000 year old monster virus named Pithovirus sibericum. It’s very large for other viruses in comparision and two-third of it’s protiens are unlike any other virus we yet know!


Well, Glacierized areas cover over 15 million square kilometers and that is only “glacierized ice” so there obviously are atleast a thousand other things yet to be discovered. All you can do is be careful next time you go sking and propely close your freezer’s door!



  1. Well, as long as you live near the North/South Pole, you don’t need a refrigerator XD. There have been also other sorts of pets that have been found frozen to death like cats. Out of all the things on this list, the most interesting one had to be the Giant Virus; quite unlikely for someone to even mention that, to be honest.

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