Why you should please follow your dreams!

In life we are faced with so many troubles, ups and downs and this is what makes life so interesting. We don’t know what might happen the next moment and all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  And yeah, we shouldn’t forget about working for the best.  Taking action is the thing. Actions don’t always lead to change but they always have consequences and these consequences MIGHT lead to whatever the desired change is.

Life is meant to be viewed from a spiritual perspective.

This doesn’t mean that we should leave everything and become monks in Tibet but that we should work hard but know that we are already perfect and have everything basically essential for life, we should not be fooled by the deceptions of religion, we should buy things but not be consumed by consumerism, we should do what we love but not be attached to it and so much more that so many great magicians of life have talked about. We should live life from the heart with love and compassion being our guide.

Follow your heart and take your mind with it.

There is so much pressure around us.

People have so many unrealistic expectations, so much competition that it becomes so stressful for us to focus on ourselves and our goals in life.

Life feels more like a slave trade sometimes. Where the rich and powerful elite just use and abuse us.

But it’s when one starts to follow his or her dreams that they start to go against the system. This is also a form of rebellion.

It can be very tough but it’s very rewarding in the end and things only come true when you start believing in them and make an effort to get them done.

See people are you willing to spend your lives doing something you won’t be happy with?

I’m trying to get a point across your mind right now and it’s the fact that no matter what you say you have one life (don’t bring reincarnation in here) and you will always be having one life. So why not make the best out of it?


Please go for your dreams. Nothing but you are stopping yourself.

And most of the times, your problem is smaller than your imagination.

You will fail but just don’t quit!

What if you keep failing? Well each time you fail and you get up you will be better and stronger than the last time! It’s a fact.

If you’re trying to an equation and have failed 20 times already but each time you’ve learned from your previous mistake and you are not making the same one again!

And do you seriously believe that you will still be unsuccessful by your 50th attempt?






  1. Totally explicable, especially in terms of Law Of Attraction. Don’t forget that XD; it plays a big role in all of our lives, but most importantly it plays big role in our dreams as well.

    Always remember that no matter how long it takes, your dreams will be achieved even if you’re not physically alive, but you’ll know that at the next stage of life. Dreams aren’t crushed; they’re just thrown into another opening; an opening that’s capable of penetrating through the stars.

    Thank you for making this post , Kartik ! ^_^

    Hopefully, someone stumbles upon both of what we wrote, and catalyses their motivation, and hopes back.

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