Why violence will not help us in our fight against the system

Now the thing is that there’s enough in this world for everyone. Enough happiness, enough love, enough joy and not only material things. But our world is run by pedal to the metal crazy psychopath, shape shifting cabal who themselves are possessed by other vampiric entities who feed on fear generated by us. These beings dictate indirectly almost every aspect of our lives through several tactics. Media, education, health, politics, entertainment, science are various sectors where almost everything is owned and run by their puppets. International Political and banking families like the Rothschild and Rockefellers are just two to name in a decent list of extremely wealthy puppets ruining our lives with their power and fortunes worth trillions.
Not only these beings along with their bloodlines and the secret society networks that started spreading out of ancient Babylon to the rest of the world but they also use psychological and spiritual and genetic manipulations to control us. Psychological factors like fear keep us in prison as they reach their goals through techniques like problem-reaction-solution with the latest Orlando shooting being a classic example along with 9/11. Spiritual warfare is always going on between people like us and them on higher planes and beings, some E.T. and some pure consciousness from higher dimensions helping us are also involved at all times and traces of genetic alteration, twisting and manipulation in the human genome can be found through out history. As a result we have the modern day human who is easy to deceive, control and trick into being a slave by disconnecting him from the infinity.
But we cannot fight the tyranny with violence. This we must keep in mind. It’s through peace and love for all including our enemies that we will win this war. But we’ll also need stubbornness to stand our grounds. Violent oppression will result in more violence and we will not win in any such case as violence is exactly what they want. It will also give them an excuse to further tighten their control. And we don’t have any sort of power over them when it comes to violent means. This is what all the vigilantes and the militias gearing us for war against their government don’t get. I wonder that even if we win by war and start a new world, will it be of any use because our pioneer will be the same as our captors, residing on a frequency of anger, hatred and fear.
Taking  a gun in your hand may get important at some time. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when your house is being raided by fucking swat teams for no fucking reason or you’re being dragged out of your own house by them or your family’s in danger? Though this is the worst case scenario and usually doesn’t happen and is also the archon mentality of survival, we still shouldn’t be ignoring this as it is happening. And I’m not promoting any kind of violence, if I had the power, I’d discard every weapon in the world. What we need to do to get out of this tyranny is to stop cooperating, to stop being ignorant, to realize our true individual and collective potentials and so on. Being ourselves is also very important. The day humans across the world join their hands and march in peace will be the day the house of cards comes falling down.


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