Why is it so hard to change our perceptions?

A question which even I have asked a million times in the past. It’s so troubling to think that why a things so simple is so hard to do. Why is it so hard to change our perceptions? The answer lies in the way we are brought up. Under peer pressures and un-realistically high expectation by the society including our family and friends making us forget that we are the infinity. Since the day we are born, people try their best to box us down. To make sure our wings are cut and they don’t stop there. They burn our cut out wings so that we soon don’t even remember that we ever had any. Thus, crushing any resistance before it even stirs in the minds of people.
It’s so magically weird how one in our society controls the other. Sheep having blind faith and fear of other sheep’s opinion. The way we are raised up with fear, doubt, uncertainty, rituals, self shaming etcetera is terrible and shameful. We aren’t born this way. But we eventually end up here. A state where first we are imposed to all these things, forced to obey we get our selves carved into something we all are not and after this comes a stage where we think we’re free and unconsciously we start to do the same to other people.
If it were so easy to change the way we see our world, would not it be one of the greatest threats to the hidden agenda? It would because it would give rise to an awakening so massive that it would wipe  the elite out!
But are you ready to change your perception against all odds? Are you ready to accept the facts? Are you willing to change all that you know? Go against the world and even our parents if need be? Will you be able to handle the truth? It will only be a small matter of time before change comes as soon as we recognize the perception of “Infinite love is the only truth”.

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