The curse of ignorance

Ignorance. It’s a curse. Still people treat it like it’s a blessing. Ignorance is one of the things on which this system survives. Ignorance is what got us here. It keeps us in the illusion. Illusion of freedom. Through out our lives, we are taught different things about our world which helps us form a perspective about this 5 sense reality. We rely on things taught to us by others and we never dare to question them. Even if we do, we are suppressed by the teacher or by the parent or by the friend. Welcome to the world of sheep and sheepdogs. We go to school but we lack education. Real education I mean.  Not what you’re being taught at school or university. That is just another illusion, false knowledge that you are being fed in order to keep you inside the box and to never let you unleash your true potential. The biggest threat to the global elite and to the Archnotic/Demiurge ruler’s agenda itself.

Ignorance is the reason why so many people are so helplessly dependent on the system. They are a part of the system and ultimately a part of the problem. They try to defend it because they need it. Most of them will be lost without the system. Their perceptions are based on fear and survival thus they cannot imagine a world without a rugged, unfair economy. They cannot imagine that all this could be real because they fear what are they going to do if this all is true. All this because of ignorance. Lack of knowledge. Lack of awareness. Not being aware of what’s going on. Considering what they are being taught in school, being told by there bosses and the mainstream media stuff to be the only truth and not even considering the possibility of a conspiracy unfolding day by day. If we wan’t to build a new world, we need to get rid of ignorance and practice the concept of truth and equality in the area of knowledge.
The way the world is, is it not disturbing? Children dying of hunger in a world full of plenty? Some sleeping on the pavements while Some sleep on beds of gold? Why? Why can’t people see all this? Why do they act so blind? Even if they do see the problem, why don’t they act or why do they simple ignore it? Actually my friend, the eyes are useless when the mind is blind. That’s it. They rely on mainstream media which focuses more on the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt instead of presenting to the world the reality of the condition of life in which people of Palestine are living. They rely on education which focucs on things like algebra and finding the bloody ‘X’ which nobody ever uses in their entire life, insted of teaching children about the beniefits of meditation. They rely on loans by Rothschild own banking systems that give loan on money that does’nt exist! With interest! Paying one debt by aother debt! They vote for their political party not knowing that both the side serve the same agenda.

What got us here? But more important questions first, why are we here? and because of whom? We are here to sever as food for the parasites. They feed on fear and we are cattle to them. Just like we keep farm animal for this specific reason. But here, we are the cows and the sheeps and goats. Who is to blame? Now of course the parasite are the first to come to our mind when it comes to ‘Who to blame for all this?’ But what we need to realise is that we all are equally responsible for where we are now. They did this to us because we let them. We have to take responsibilty and taking responsibilty is one of the most important steps on a personal as well as a collective level as well. Once we take responsibility, we have the power to change the situation and thus we can fight ignorance of knowledge that keeps us here.
As we see, now the internet and the world is full of alternative media and our words can spread to other corner of the globe in no time at incredible speed. Just a button away and we are taking good advantage of this. Warriors of truth all across the world are trying to fight the curse of ignorance everyday, selflessly with all this amazing, mind blowing knowledge of this reality and how it works as their weapon. If you can keep the public in ignorance, you can keep them in a prison without bars. They hide each and every single of there gameplay to the New World Order with ignorance. Because they know that the people they are enslaving more and more day by day are ignorant and won’t question a thing that they say. They know that they can get away with whatever official explanation regardless of the truth. 9/11 terrorist attack on America is a classic example for police state and more invasion of the Middle East for oil and opium along with the global warming hoax used to justify Agenda 21.
Every single day, we get closer to the days of final and complete global facist/dictatorship society with one world government, one world military, one world religion, one world everything and a slave population living in a hunger games society. They justify there police state, big brother and the rest with false flags like Sandy Hook, hoaxes like global warming,  and problem-reaction-sloution. Totalitarian Tip-Toe is a perfect term. Making small changes at a time that lead to a bigger change so that nobody ever suspects anything. Do you really want this to become a reality? I don’t think so. Ignorance is a weapon to them but knowledge is ours. Knowlede is not good or evil. Knowledge is neutral, the ‘use’ of knowledge is good or evil. Knowledge of Nuclear power an be use to power millions of houses but the same power can be used to destroy the entire planet.
We must put and end to all this. We must otherwise, the direction this world is headed in in no good place. They can have their heads in the sand but the truth will out. Let them laugh at you for it only proves that you are stronger. Unite. Fight. The Lion Sleeps No More. We are rising. We are infinite love. Love that is way beyond the limits of any language. How can they keep us in this illusion when we are infinite? The answer is they can’t but can if we allow them to. We let them play with us but now we are a gathering storm. Look back, how far have we come. Where we were 10 years back and where we are now. They won’t last long but only if we fight the curse of ignorance with all our might. We are not the same anymore. We know this. It’s our duty to bring out the truth to the world and help our asleep brothers and sisters wake up and see the elephant in the room. We are here for a reason. All this disturbance has presented to us an oppurtunity like no other to grow and learn. Make use of it. Spread out the word. Learn. Educate. Defeat the curse onf ignorance with love and knowledge and the world is our’s to conquer!


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