Manipulation of the medical industry

As we all know, the media, science, education and every other aspect which form our life and is promoted by the system is there to impose certain dogmas upon us. Today I’ll be talking about something similar. I’ll be telling you about the Manipulation of The medical industry and how the big pharma has destroyed the health care. This is very short article to tell you enough but I’ll try to present you with some facts and get you to see the bigger picture.
There are so many things out there so it’s impossible to talk about all of them so I’m going to tell you some of them so that you At least enter the twilight zone and then you can find your way to the rabbit hole.

Let us take cancer.

The Cancer Act 1939. Have you ever heard of it?
Well, The Cancer Act 1939 is a piece of legislation which prevents people from writing or speaking about the FACT that it is indeed possible to cure cancer using alternative methods.
In the mainstream medical industry all cancers are treated with Radium-based methods(Cancer Inducing Radiation) which in fact has been proven to worsen the tumours instead of curing cancer. For eg. Chemotherapy. I cant go in too much details for some reasons but you can always google these things and see the truth for yourself. How all this is being proven by Scientists all over the world each day but still its going unreported by the MSM. According to an answer given in the House of Commons on 12 June 2014[2] there were 21 convictions under the Act between 1984 and 2013.
Some of the Convictions include

◾Steven Cook, fined £750 with costs of £1,500 in September 2014 for implying that colloidal silver could cure for cancer – the case was brought by Essex Trading Standards
◾Stephen Ferguson, fined £1,750 with £2,500 costs and £120 victim surcharge in May 2014 for claiming that protein shakes and vitamin supplements had cured cancer in two of his patients – case brought by Westminster Trading Standards
◾Errol Denton, fined £1,000 for each of 9 offences, with costs of £9,821 and a victim surcharge of £100 in March 2014 for claiming that live blood analysis, lifestyle changes and herbs could cure cancer – case brought by Westminster Trading Standards
◾Adrian Pengelly, fined £600 with £2,000 costs and £15 victim surcharge in March 2010 for offering distance healing to cure cancer – case brought by Hereford Trading Standards
◾Donna Sims, given a two-year conditional discharge with costs of £1,100 in August 2009 for offering herbal remedies for cancer – case brought by Gloucestershire Trading Standards
◾Health wise UK, fined £2,000 with £2,235 costs in March 2009 for selling elegiac acid with claims that it could inhibit the growth of cancer cells – case brought by Derbyshire Trading Standards
◾Andrew Harris, who sold Triamazon via the Internet, received a two-year conditional discharge with £350 costs in September 2008 – case brought by Trafford Trading Standards

Now, Studies have found that the super herb thyme essential oil potently kills lung and breast cancer cells. The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which usually known as “oil of thyme” contains 20-54% thymol. Thymol belongs to a naturally occurring class of compounds known as “biocides”. Biocides are substances that can destroy harmful organisms. When thymus is used alongside other biocides, such as carvacrol, it has strong antimicrobial attributes. Scientists tested thyme for its antibacterial activities in vitro toxicology against three human cancer cell lines. What they found is that thyme kills lung cancer cells, oral and ovarian cancer (i). Oil from the common herb thyme was discovered to kill up to 97% of human lung cancer cells. Recent research has shown that if you mix thyme and olive oil it will enhance the availability of hydroxytyrosol, olive oil’s most potent anti-cancer compound.

Ginger, you heard it right,  Ginger, a cousin spice of super anti-cancer substance turmeric, is known for its ability to shrink tumors. Astoundingly, it is even more effective than many cancer drugs, which have been shown to be completely ineffective and actually accelerate the death of cancer patients.   The subject of one study based out of Georgia State University, whole ginger extract was revealed to shrink prostate tumour size by a whopping 56% in mice. The anticancer properties were observed in addition to ginger’s role in reducing inflammation as well as being a rich source of life-enhancing antioxidants.
Marijuana, cannabis oil cures cancer.
Recently, In a surprising move, CNN was  reporting that marijuana may be a potential cure for certain types of cancer after numerous studies have shown the viability of cannabis as a potential cancer treatment. The report of marijuana being a potential cure was less surprising than the fact that it was covered prominently by a mainstream media outlet. Weed’s been a topic of debate for a very long period of time. These are some studies that have proven that weed cures cancer.
.A study published in the British Journal of Cancer, conducted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University in Madrid, determined that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth
A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics already acknowledged the fact that cannabinoids have been shown to possess antitumor properties. A study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics outlines how brain tumors are highly resistant to current anticancer treatments, which makes it crucial to find new therapeutic strategies aimed at improving the poor prognosis of patients suffering from this disease. This study also demonstrated the reversal of tumor activity in   multiform.
It turns out that cancer drugs are not only severely ineffective at permanently shrinking tumors, but they actually maketumours larger and kill the patient more quickly. More specifically, the tumours have been found to ‘metalize’, meaning they come back bigger and more stronger than their original size. What’s more, the ‘metalizing’ was found to beavery aggressive. According to scientists Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, the premium priced drugs were little more than death sentences for many patients.
“Whatever manipulations we’re doing to tumors can inadvertently do something to increase the tumor numbers to become more metastatic, which is what kills patients at the end of the day,” said study author Dr. Raghu Kalluri. These are the very drugs considered to be the scientifically proven solution by mainstream health officials.

There are countless other anti cancer herbs out there like Turmeric and red clover. But they all go un noticed. In order to learn more about alternative cures of cancer and how the cancer Medical industry is playing with your health and scamming you at the same time. Visit websites like

I’ve been talking only about cancer because I’m using it to make a point.

Similarly, vaccines have been prove to cause autism. And many vaccines also contain huge amounts of mercury  and a lot of other stuff that are really really harmful for us.
A U.S. study found that children who received vaccines containing a preservative called thimerosal, which is almost 50 percent mercury, were more than twice as likely to develop autism than children who did not. Thimerosal a drug present in vaccines is a to blame. The mercury in the vaccines causes autism, brain damage, and disease. The vaccines themselves cause the body to be in an unnatural state and set you up for major disease.

The same is true for other diseases like Ebola, HIV etc…it has been proven that Turmeric Compound Helps Improve Regeneration of Brain Stem Cells. It’s been claimed by several people including high government officials that most dieses were or are being created in funded labs and that every disease no matter physical or mental is curable with natural ways… See people I know its hard to believe truth is stranger than fiction. There’s a global conspiracy against humanity and all this is a part of it. The make you sick with the by feeding you all their junk, Wi-Fi, smart TV’s, Cell phones and CFL’s  and then you take their medicines and then you get more sick and go to there hospitals. For most cures you need extra money which there banks give you. Credit. Which doesn’t even exist…and then at the end of the day you die. Leaving everything you worked hard for or ever dreamed about to them.  All this is also a part of the Mass culling that the elites and their otherworldly masters have been dreaming of for a very long time.

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 ”

If you know where this is written. Then my friend you already know a lot. But for the rest of you. Better wake up before the shit hits the fan.


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