Love makes this world beautiful

Art by RHADS

This world is a very beautiful place. But only if you have the eyes to see it. This is a very wise saying as it holds a lot of deep meaning in it. It’s hard to prove as you cannot see any truth in it as long as you don’t know how to look within, how to not only think but also feel. With only eyes and a mind that is blind, we cannot expect to see the truth. It’s useless like this. You need to know that as much cruel and ugly this world seems to be, there is still good left in it and it’s worth fighting for. We all have some harshness in our lives. Some more than others but more or less, we all do. No one’s without worries. But we should not let the world of deception fool us and sway us away into the darkness while there’s enough light to fill heart of every being on earth. All we have to do is to give it some place to find. Love is very essential for all things as it’s the only thing through which we can evolve. Don’t believe me? Read the first four letters of ‘evolve’ backwards.

Love is the highest of all perspectives and the simple realisation that infinite love is the only truth is the highest of all truths. It’s how we are going to change this world.

When we look at things from a view point of love, we begin to see the real good i.e. the real beauty of this world which is beyond all the material happinesses you can achieve in your life time. Don’t be dissapointed as material things have a place in this world as they’re important for experiencing this reality in our body-mind spacesuits for our consciousness. The world automatically seems beautiful to you. As it is. Even though we might forget this at times but it’s fine as it is hard to live in a world like our’s.

In a land where creativity, uniqueness, freedom are killed as soon as a human begins learn to talk, we have to know who we truly are. The world is as it is and we can only come closer by focusing at the similarities while accepting the differences in each other. This does not means that we should ignore that which is evil but that we should tackle it with love. All that is bad cannot stand as love is the greatest of all powers. The world is made up of several beautiful beings like you and me. Then how can it be all bad? It can’t. Until unless we have that sort of a perspective. I always say that it’s important to see things for what they really are but that doesn’t only means that we should only see the bad but also should we see all that is good and preserve it. After all, The world is a beautiful place, but only if you have the eyes to see it.


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