Infinte love is the only truth

Most people are not living with the truth. Different truths. But they’re truths. Instead they choose to live lives full of lies in order to live safely, successful by the definitions of society and the standards of the people of that society. They are born free but as soon as they learn to speak the people around them at different levels try to kill their ability to think freely, out of the box, for truly themselves and for the world itself. They try to put them into a box and never give them a chance to question the various invisible boundaries and limitations that are put around them to make them an apple in the eye of this blood thirsty system. Blood thirsty system run by blood thirsty reptiles. Irony.
Most of us don’t know what it really is to be free. If you go out there and ask most what it is to be free, they’d say stupid things like ‘I can watch whatever I want on the Hypnotic set’ & ‘I am free to drink coffee any time I want’. Their expectations from life are so materialistic and so biased because of things taught to them by a fake, useless education system and by all the firewalls installed in them through chemicals like fluoride, GMO’s, chemtrails, through all the fears put into them by the society and their useless expectations, through the media, entertainment, genetic, emotional manipulation etc. It’s bollocks, all of it. I feel very sad when I think of this as each time I’m reminded what we all can be and what we actually are.
Crazy as all this may see but it all can be changed by setting ourselves free. Basically one of the most important of all steps in our long walk universal/collective freedom. We can easily do this by letting go of the fear of what others will think. “Others” here means, parents, partners and friends too. If they 100% love you then they’d still support you in the end no matter how crazy, weird you may get. It’s the biggest tool of our over lords. Fear. Which gives us boundaries. A prison without bars. Once we give up on fear and truly start to be what we always wanted, we’re free. We all have those suppressed selves we secretly wish we could be. It’s time to let go of the fears and them be who we really are. Being yourself also brings the right situations, circumstances and people in your life. Though the road gets really hard, it’s still very lovely in the end. Which is right after you’ve completely understood that no one should kill the real you.
When you do this, not only do you set yourself out of the box, you also help others. They, well not all but few, see the door you walked right through and see that it’s always been open, not only for you but for everyone. And you can always give them a hand if they’re willing to! Wonderful, right? It’s a big and a beautiful world full of beautiful people. Just be yourself and they’d all flock up! It’s a ride and supposed to be fun. You get one life, live it to the fullest, take risks, do mistakes, cry out rivers over your losses but never stop to learn and grow. In the end, It’s all an illusion and the only thing real is your love.


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