Are you really as free as you think?

Look around. What do you see? People. Humans. Men, women, children. They’re all moving, talking, thinking, eating, drinking in short, everyone’s doing something. Even if they look like he or she’s just simply sitting, they’re Up to a lot of things. They all think they’re free. You the reader or the listener think that you’re free. Free to do whatever you wish to. Aren’t you?

But wait a second, are you really free or it’s just that you believe yourself to be free? By the way, let me remind you that we all believe a lot of things but that doesn’t make them the truth. I believe I’m going on a date tonight with Katy Perry. But in fact I’m going to all messy on the couch in front of the TV. What makes you believe that you’re free? Don’t say that you can wear what you want, go where ever you want to, see the program you like and eat what you want to eat. These things don’t make you free. Then what makes you free? We’ll come to that soon.

How many things that you want to do but don’t because of what others might think of you? This is a tricky question. Most sheep wouldn’t know what to say or will plain, simply and stupidly say ‘nothing’. No, really? You wear clothes with things on your mind about what society would say, you eat thinking what your friends would say if they come to know, you talk the way others want you too, you fall in love with some whom others are fine with. You constantly think about what your Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Teacher, Neighbour, Father at the church and god knows who else would say if you did this or that and above all, the biggest culprit is that chatterbox sitting inside the top part of your body. The real Labelling machine and the Judger. Always telling you not to do this and that, giving hundreds of nonsensical and stupid reason to not follow your heart, Which leads to self awareness, harmony, love, peace and a million other things like bliss and divinity and things I don’t have words for. Nirvana. Your Mind “ Thinks “ while your Heart “ Knows “. That’s the big difference. Listen to it and it will always lead you to some place magical! Even though most of the times, the road will real tough and you will think that you made the wrong choice, if you overcome this though you will win. In the end you might not get what you wanted or what you were expecting but that which is the best for you. Isn’t it wonderful?

Your mind has taken over your heart. It has taken over the most powerful part of the Human Body. This doesn’t mean that we should get rid of our brains. No, it plays a vital role in our process of experiencing this reality but it is really important to get it back to its place. Our Mind and Our Heart should be in complete harmony. Resonance. Only then and then only can we discover our true selves, our true potentials and our uniqueness both individual and collectively. None of our decisions are intuitive. Always logical. Calculated and kind of mechanical. We are programed through out live first by family then school then friends and acquaintance, our own self because of the various types of fears, and even the fear of those we don’t even know yet. Our very own mind is always against us, it’s under a spell. We are not free. We are all slaves. More or less we all are.

But a question comes up. What or Who is responsible for this? The answer is The Parasites. Brings that feed on fear and themselves are always living in fear. Fear of loosing us. Fear of getting discovered at any moment. This is an age old conspiracy and the system all around us is a part of it. The system To which we all are slaves. The best way to keep people as slaves is to give them a false sense of freedom. The best to keep people in prison is to give them a prison without bars. They have designed the system in such a way that every right thing seems to be wrong. They have created a system where there’s no place for love, freedom and peace. A perfect System which is imperfect. They have worked very hard for it and will go to all ends to protect it. They know very well that the best way to control a herd of sheep is to keep them in Ignorance, state of constant fear and feed them all the bullshit in form of News, Knowledge and entertainment.

What is free? Free is when you do everything you do because you want to not because of the fear of others. Free is when you’re out of all the bullshit of society. Free is when you open your heart and mind of all possibilities. Free is when you do what you think is right, not what you are told is right. Free is when your heart and mind are in resonance. Free is a lot more than this. Free is something that only exists in places where there’s love. Without love there’s nothing. Without love we can’t get out of this turmoil and tragedy. The mother of all conspiracies. A violent war against the system is of no use because that’s what they want. They want blood to be spilled. They want people to be hateful. The want us to fight each other. We have to learn from our mistakes. Look around. We have to win this with love. But most importantly You need to be free. Freedom, no matter how big or small is important for us. We need to be really Open Minded. We have to be really Open Hearted. We need to free our minds of others. We need to free our minds of the spell. We need to teach our minds to listen and act with our hearts. But most importantly, We need to free ourselves of our mind.


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