5 brands that are consciously doing good!

Due to marketing and a society in which consumption is a trend, where ever we look we find billboards and stores and advertisements of multi billion dollars corporation, brands and business organisations While these brands only focus on profit maximization, there are other brands out there that are actually making a difference with their objectives.

And the best part is that you become a major part of their contribution! 

So here are 5 brands helping the planet and humanity.
Brand run by the legendary Bob Marley’s family. As Marley is know for his pro-cannabis ideology and the iconic “One Love”, this brand is a must on this list. House of Marley makes audio systems, headphones, earbuds and a few other accessories. The best part is that what ever they make is made of recyclable materials. I personally own a pair of HOM Smile Jamaica earphones that are made of FSC certidfied wood and recyclable aluminium. They also give a a part of their profits to http://www.1love.org which is Marley family’s very own charity helping youths around the world!

2. Numi

Numi is an organic tea company that supports small farmers and organic food. They have some really amazing tea’s in their list! Numi also has a foundation to make this world a better place which you can find on their website. in a world where there are GMO’s everywhere, we need more food companies like Numi!
This brand cleans beaches and oceans of waste and then makes beautiful accessories from that waste! they produce and sell key chains, bracelets, charms, necklaces, stickers and lashes. Believe me, you will fall in love with their products. They also look and feel amazing! What they’re doing is actually very creative because we are polluting our planet too much and they are not only cleaning up but also creating something good from actual trash!

4. Baby Teresa

Brand run by two mums, making clothes and accessories for babies. For whatever they sell, they donate one to a baby in need! What can be more beautiful? They have already done work in 20 countries! And have had a lot of media coverage in the last few years. Now they also donate 25% of profits to charities to help mothers during births and pregnancies.

5. tentree

Clothing company for men and women. What ever they make is environment friendly and for what ever you buy from them they plant a tree somewhere in the world and you can even track where your tree is! They claim to have already planted 12,440,490 trees across Earth! They have stores in North America but if you’re outside of the continent then you can buy online. I bet you will love their designs!
Well, awakening is here and it’s good to see that now even business are considering the need of the planet and the people!

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