The Free People & The Boxed People

Art by ehscapist

These days we are living in are strange. On one hand, there is a global movement guided by a shift in perception of the everyday public. Where people like us are demanding to know the truth be it in the topics of spirituality or our economies or sciences and we have been successful on many occasions. From what I know, Brexit was one of those. But on the other side, there is another plan, which is the occult elite’s agenda of total global domination which is also unfolding day by day. They are doing everything they can to box us in and sadly, just like us they too have been successful with that but hopefully only to a certain extent. As time moves forward, we will be facing many challenges in all areas of life. Actually, we already are but there are many more to come and many will be more fierce than what we have ever faced.

This applies to us on both, individual and collective level. New World Order unfolding and the Global Awakening happening at the same time! It’s a spiritual battlefield and whichever side wins, just like an actual war, damages will be faced by both the sides. With time we will see that humanity will be classified with two types of people. The first will be the free i.e. those who would no longer be deceived by the media, entertainment and all other forms of deception. People who will be guided by their own inner love. But the later type of people will be the boxed ones. The ones who refuse to evolve to attune themselves to higher vibrations of love and thus will keep getting further drowned in the swamps of the Global tyranny awaiting them. It’s sad but true because we cannot go against the law of free will and force them to change. They have to do it themselves and we will be there to help and guide them but we just wont be able to force them for anything.

Now the is, which side are you on?


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