Legend of Inner Earth: A Subterranean World

Inner earth, hollow earth, Agartha are some of the names it’s called. The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. Through out history, there have been legends of their being a world beneath the surface of earth inhabited by gods, demigods, demons, faeries, elves, dwarves and other hidden folk. Here in India in our mythology and ancient history, there has been a race of serpent, shape shifting reptilian people called the Nagas. They lived in underground caves and giant cities and had close association with demons. Every culture talks about similar inner earth legends whether it were the people of the first nation in the Americas or Irish Druid legends. Greek mythology to Chinese, they all talk about there being a subterranean world where lived or still live superior beings.

Let’s talk about the ties of Buddhism. The Buddhist legends talk about  all the continents being linked by a network of underground maze radiating from a vast underground world called Agarthi which is very close to the name Agartha, the modern name given to inner earth by believers.  It’s said to be beneath Tibet or some place else in Asia. It is believed that Agarthi is home to an ancient super race of beings that came from another world. Even Adolf Hitler was obsessed with this belief as he considered all of his Aryan’s to be decedents of these super beings and also according to the legends those beings had a supernatural ability called the virl power through which they controlled the world secretly (Sounds too much like our Reptilian overlords, Eh?)

Hitler was obsessed with the idea of the virl power. He sent with the help of a leading occult German society, again, called the Virl society, many expeditions to Tibet in search of Agarthi but failed. Also, according to new agers and even many non new age believers in Agartha/Agarthi, the capital of Agartha is a place called Shambala. Once again, Buddhist legends are full of a mythical land, underneath earth called Shambhala. It’s mostly believed to be a lush, fertile valley with tall, snow covered mountains all around. It’s said to be the place where Buddha was instructed on his spiritual wisdom and is populated by other enlightened super humans. Other eastern traditions are also full of similar mystical lands for example, the land of Tebu in Taoist mythology. The strange thing is that many people say that one of the cryptic tunnels that lead to Agarthi are connected to Dalai Lama’s palace!


The Nazi’s were honestly, obsessed with Eugenics and blood purity, considering the Aryans to be the most superior of all which not only made them look for their supermen in South-East Asia but also in other far off corners of the globe. some of Hitler’s top advisors – perhaps even Hitler himself – believed that the Earth was hollow; and there was at least one expedition by the Nazi military to exploit that belief for strategic advantage during the war. Another interesting things is:

A second theory, call the “inverted Earth” theory, claims that we – our civilization – actually exists on the inside of the globe. We are held fast to the ground not by gravity, but by centrifugal force as the Earth rotates. The stars, so goes the theory, are twinkling chunks of ice suspended high in the air, and the illusion of day and night is caused by a rotating central sun that is half brilliant, half dark. Cyrus Teed, an alchemist from Utica, N.Y., was one of the first people to popularize this idea. So obsessed was he with the idea that he founded a religion based on it, changed his name to Koresh, and established a commune for Koreshanity in Chicago in 1888. In Germany, independently of the Koreshans, another group also was founded that adhered to the inverted Earth idea, and it was this concept that was accepted by some segments of the Nazi hierarchy. Via http://www.paranormal.about.com/



In fact, according to some urban legends Hitler and many of his Nazi minions escaped Germany in the closing days of World War II and fled to Antarctica where at the South Pole they had discovered an entrance to the Earth’s interior. According to the Hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada, they are still there. After the war, the organization claims, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the South Pole.

This story gets more complicated with Nazi-designed UFOs, Nazi collaboration with the people who live in the center of the Earth, and the explanation for “Aryan-looking” UFO pilots”

Whatever the truth it, it’s always stranger than fiction.

Admiral Richard B. Byrd, who was a very famous, honorable American Naval officer during the early 1920’s and flew to the poles of north and south. He was specialized in exploration.  But when he got back, he had an extraordinary story to tell. Here’s some stuff from his diary which allegedly is now missing and also the radio logs.

I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven.

There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth!

I am not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at this writing… perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my duty and record here for all to read one day.

In a world of greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth.


0600 Hours- All preparations are complete for our flight north ward and we are airborne with full fuel tanks at 0610 Hours.

0620 Hours- fuel mixture on starboard engine seems too rich, adjustment made and Pratt Whittneys are running smoothly.

0730 Hours- Radio Check with base camp. All is well and radio reception is normal.

0740 Hours- Note slight oil leak in starboard engine, oil pres sure indicator seems normal, however.

0800 Hours- Slight turbulence noted from easterly direction at altitude of 2321 feet, correction to 1700 feet, no further turbulence, but tail wind increases, slight adjustment in throttle controls, aircraft performing very well now.

0815 Hours- Radio Check with base camp, situation normal.

0830 Hours- Turbulence encountered again, increase altitude to 2900 feet, smooth flight conditions again.

0910 Hours- Vast Ice and snow below, note coloration of yellowish nature, and disperse in a linear pattern. Altering course foe a better examination of this color pattern below, note reddish or purple color also. Circle this area two full turns and return to assigned compass heading. Position check made again to base camp, and relay information concerning colorations in the Ice and snow below.

0910 Hours- Both Magnetic and Gyro compasses beginning to gyrate and wobble, we are unable to hold our heading by instrumentation. Take bearing with Sun compass, yet all seems well. The controls are seemingly slow to respond and have sluggish quality, but there is no indication of Icing!

0915 Hours- In the distance is what appears to be mountains.

0949 Hours- 29 minutes elapsed flight time from the first sighting of the mountains, it is no illusion. They are mountains and consisting of a small range that I have never seen before!

0955 Hours- Altitude change to 2950 feet, encountering strong turbulence again.

1000 Hours- We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!

1005 Hours- I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed – it is definitely a mammoth-like animal! Report this to base camp.

1030 Hours- Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now. I am puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning!

1130 Hours- Countryside below is more level and normal (if I may use that word). Ahead we spot what seems to be a city!!!! This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and star board wings are a strange type of aircraft. They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type!

1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is:

‘Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.’

I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless.

1140 Hours- Another radio message received. We begin the landing process now, and in moments the plane shudders slightly, and begins a descent as though caught in some great unseen elevator! The downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt!

1145 Hours- I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching. I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply.


Now, this is just the First log and there’s a little bit more to this, If you wish to read more then visithttp://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tierra_hueca/esp_tierra_hueca_2d.htm

Whatever the truth is, I believe that our earth is hollow and that there are beings living in there which are most probably the Reptilian and malevolent Nordic type entities that have been interbreeding, spun the secret society network and control us through the international group of banking, royal and political group of their bloodlines. But it can be home to some good ones too. This is a massive topic and there’s so much more to it. But I’m just saying what I feel because of what all I’ve studied. The choice is yours what you wish to believe. Truth prevails.


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